Advertising campaigns & resources

Throughout the course of the year, the Australian Flower Council will be providing subscribers with advertising resources from a series of four advertising campaigns. The advertising campaigns will revolve around the seasons of the year and will encompass aspects of the seasons within each campaign.

The purpose of these campaigns is to further promote the flower industry and encourage consumers to purchase flowers instead of other gift ideas. This regular advertising will continuously deliver this message to consumers.

Each campaign will consist of artwork in the way of brochures, flyers, posters and the like. These resources will be available to all subscribers via the Australian Flower Council website. The artwork will be supplied in PDF format and high resolution and will be able to be downloaded free of charge as many times as one likes.

The artwork will allow the subscriber to place their own logo on the artwork, and this will help promote not only the industry but also the subscribers own businesses. The subscriber will then be able to print the resources at their own cost.

Click on the link on the home page to view the current advertising campaign and its associated downloadable resources.