FGG National Body

The Flower Grower’s Group of NSW Inc is proud to announce the formalisation of a National Body, incorporating NSW (The Flower Growers of NSW Inc), FAQI (Flower Association of Qld Inc) and VIC Flowers which will be recognised as the Australian Flower Council who will ustilise the current website recently built and launched by the Flower Growers of NSW Inc, which was acquired and registered with the vision that this merger would take place at some point in time.

The “Australian Flower Council” website is: www.australianflowercouncil.org.au and will be used as the vehicle to communicate and unify all participating bodies & affiliates within the Flower Industry.

Flowers VIC, FAQI and the NSWFGG have finally united with the same common goal and should be commended on this initiative.

As set out in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) of The Australian Flower Council (AFC), all financial members of each state body is automatically a financial member of the AFC.

All nominated representatives at state level meet quarterly to discuss, formalise and action all proposals presented from all states. If you have any ideas or proposals that you would like tabled, firstly present this to your state representatives so that all protocols are followed.

Again we would like to congratulate all states for their vision, hard work and dedication to the Flower Industry – the future of our industry is worth it!!!!!