Message from the president

Welcome to the Australian Flower Council website.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and read more about our wonderful industry.

These are challenging times, we have had to endure the Global Financial Crisis, an unusually low USD, extremely high electricity and gas prices, the Carbon Charge or is it a tax?, a slump in consumer confidence, high business running costs and generally low activity in the Retail Sector….

It is during these challenging periods that all successful growers, florists, allied traders and the rest re-evaluate, improve, gain efficiencies, diversify and market their point of difference. These are the ingredients to sustain and conquer.

The Flower Industry continues to move forward with the focus on:

  • High quality methods of growing
  • Strong National working committees with the focus of a unified industry
  • Promotion and Education & the advancement of trained Horticulture & Floristry students
  • Continued relationships with allied businesses and industries

This website is a work in progress and requires many hands to make light work, I am calling out to you all to send me you thoughts, suggestions or comments so that we can ensure we are servicing our audiences needs.

I too, urge everyone in the industry to become a subscriber to our website and support this exciting industry.

We need to encourage people to buy more flowers to achieve our mission!

Your sincerely

Mr Denis Secco
The Flower Growers Group of NSW Inc.