SMCMA Support for Farmers

The Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority (SMCMA) is subsidising farmers in the Georges River catchment to attend workshops to foster sustainable land management.

Farmers who complete SMCMA subsidised training courses may be eligible to apply for funding to undertake projects on their land that improve water quality and sustainable land management.

Projects include:

  • Fencing to protect waterways and remnant native bushland
  • Planting native trees to create vegetation corridors
  • Controlling weeds that have an impact on native vegetation

    Protecting and restoring natural areas on your property have many benefits including:

  • Better farm and livestock management
  • Improved pastures, crop and livestock productivity
  • Shade and shelter for livestock
  • Improved organic content of soils
  • Reduced erosion and salinity
  • Improved wildlife habitat and more sustainable biodiversity

    Workshops Subsidised by SMCMA

    The SMCMA offers subsidies to farmers who would like to attend specific training courses run by the NSW Department of Industry and Investment Division of Primary Industries in the SMCMA region.

    These courses are:

  • Carbon Myth Busters
  • Bioscapes
  • Farming Native Pastures

    For more information on this scheme visit