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Subject: Fresh from NSW Growers to You!
Send date: 2012-02-07 22:26:22
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Valentines Day prediction from NSW Growers 2012

With this year’s cooler summer climate in the Sydney region, growers are expecting the best quality Valentines flowers. The moderate day temperature with the cooler comfortable nights contributing to producing quality long lasting flowers.

Volumes could be slightly down due to the limited amount of sunlight and excessive rain with some growers deciding to avoid the Valentines top.

Roses of course are the traditional flower for Valentine’s Day and local supplies will be of a premium quality.

If you’re one to break from the Rose tradition, there is a wide selection of other traditional flowers like Gerberas, Lilies, Australian Natives, Chrysanthemum’s, potted plants and more, just visit your local flower retailer for all your floral choices to suit your taste and budget.

Valentine’s Day is still the major floral event on our calendar and although the economic climate of late has put a downward influence on retail sales, growers, wholesalers, florists and the like are expecting a great result for Valentines Day 2012.

Valentine’s Day is one of the few occasions whereby a small investment in a beautiful bunch of flowers will bring happiness to that special person in your life and leave a lasting memory.

For all you guys… little and often and out of the blue will work wonders for you!

Last of all; don’t forget to ask your flower retailer to include a sachet of flower food with your order, add this to the water and your beautiful bouquet of flowers will last even longer.

Please support your local growers by purchasing flowers that provide you with a longer shelf life.

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